Support for Millennials

If you are between the ages of 20 and 35 you are a part of the Millennial generation.  Being a Millennial myself, I'm familiar with the challenges you may be facing.  Some of these challenges are unique to our generation, and often misunderstood by those older than us.  I offer counseling and coaching to Millennials. See below for more details! 

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You feel stuck.  You’re not sure what happens next.  Adulting is hard and those motivational quotes on Instagram only take you so far…

Maybe you want to move out of your parents house, or find a job you can actually use your degree in… but you find yourself watching bingeing on Netflix again… watching The Office for the 10th time…

You worry you’re letting down those who love and support you—that you should be “further along” by now… How do those other people do it??

I can help you figure our your next move, shift your mindset, and come up with a realistic plan to get you to where you want to be in life.  

First we will need to decide if coaching or counseling is the best fit for you.  

FOr more assistance in figuring out which approach suits you,

give me a call or email for your free 20 min consultation!

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Photo by Anastasia Zhevina

Photo by Anastasia Zhevina


  • exploring both past and present
  • presence of limiting symptoms and emotional difficulties
  • understanding the "why", digging deep in order to move forward in life
  • healing the past, reducing symptoms and distress
  • building self awareness, increasing insight 
Photo by Annie Spratt

Photo by Annie Spratt


  • starting where you are and moving forward
  • creating the future
  • limited emotional difficulties
  • less of the "why", more of the "how"
  • receiving help with structured goals, removing roadblocks, and being held accountable for progress