Are you in the right place? 

Photo by Samilla Maioli

Photo by Samilla Maioli

You’re exhausted.  You don’t understand how you can be in a room full of people and feel so alone.  Maybe you can’t sleep or eat, you constantly feel like you have to protect yourself, you feel disconnected from others… you even feel disconnected from your own self at times.

You know people like you, and care about you… but you don’t feel like they really GET you, not the REAL you anyway!

You’ve tried changing how you dress (ahem…that goth phase…) you’ve dyed your hair, got the tats… But you still don’t feel like people really SEE you.

Maybe you’ve been through some shit and it was swept under the rug in a way… but the memories of what happened never left.  The pain is still there.

And at times it feels like your brightness is not enough to keep the darkness at bay.  

Things going on in this crazy world of ours seem to bother you a lot more than they bother other people.  It’s draining trying to carry on in this society, and sometimes the future seems hopeless.

You are ready to be real with yourself, and with those around you.  It’s time to accept who you are and own it all- the good, the bad, the ugly.  


COUNSELING FOR life transitions and quarter lifers

Are you currently feeling unsure of the direction your life is headed?  Are you stressed out about college, grad school, or a new career?  

Do you worry that you're not good enough or feel like you are crumbling under the pressures of life, and letting down those you love in the process?

Are you catching yourself constantly comparing yourself to your peers... and wondering why they seem to have it all together?

Have you been having panic attacks, and finding yourself overwhelmed by the challenges of adulting? 

You don't have to navigate this stressful time alone. Click below for more information on how I can help you.

photo by Hannah Morgan

photo by Hannah Morgan

Heartbreak and relationships

So you’re stuck on this guy.  But you know you shouldn’t be.  He’s no good for you but you find yourself back where you swore you wouldn’t be…

It feels like you’re creating your own misery because you should know better by now.

You’re wondering why you choose these men… you may even catch yourself thinking "seriously, is there something wrong with you?"

Learn how to break unhealthy relationship cycles, respect yourself, and finally find connection and love with someone who deserves all you have to offer!


I also work with military members and their families, as well as first responders who may be experiencing trauma or want to strengthen emotional resiliency to better perform at work and to lead healthier personal lives.  Click here for more info!