Coaching Services

Mind. Body. Spirit.

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Maybe you live a functional life, you've done any work on eliminating dysfunction, possibly even through therapy... and now you're ready to unlock your fullest potential!

My approach to coaching incorporates wellness of the mind, body, and spirit to allow you to live your best life as your best self. 

If you have healed the wounds of the past and you want to focus on moving forward in life, in your chosen direction, you may be a great candidate for coaching.

We can start where you are and work forward with energy and action.

Working with me as a coach, there is no need for a diagnosis- just a vision of a more fulfilling and focus-driven life!

Together will work on problem solving, eliminating blockages to a healthier lifestyle, using an action-oriented and goal driven approach.

$120 per 50-60 minute session.  Frequency of sessions may vary depending on your goals, financial means, and individual preference.


if you're interested in coaching with caitlin to move your life forward with purpose, call 410-807-3716 for a free consultation.