Photo Credit: Robin Briggs

Photo Credit: Robin Briggs



I've been on my own journey to wholeness and wellness. 

I've put in the work to heal- and yes, often times it is WORK!

Because of this, I know the feeling of carrying a heavy burden alone, and in contrast, I know the feeling of having a professional walk that path with you.  I want others to know they are never alone on their personal journeys towards healing.

Asking for help can be hard, and I know that first hand.  That is why I have the utmost respect for someone who takes a risk to be vulnerable and reach out for help.  


"Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing we will ever do."
-Brene Brown

How I show up in therapy

I'm authentic.  Most of my clients have expressed that they like this about me, but I think it's important for new clients to understand when making their decision on who they will trust to hold their darkest secrets and deepest feelings.  What this means is, during the therapeutic process, I will not be a blank slate, who merely smiles and nods, and collects a payment. 

I will provide honest feedback, I will be warm, but direct at times.  I will never be afraid to go to the messy places with you, and I will hold space for your feelings and move through them with you when you're ready.  I'm real, I'm honest, and I have a sense of humor.  


I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park, with minor concentrations in Family Studies and Public & Community Health.  I was active on campus advocating for eating disorder awareness and prevention and facilitated research on human behavior during my time as a Terp.

My graduate degree is from Rutgers University School of Social Work where I obtained my MSW with a concentration in violence against women and children.  After years of clinical supervision and experience in the field I earned my professional clinical license in the state of Maryland, making me an LCSW-C (Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical).  

I am certified in Trauma Treatment in Children and Adolescents through the University of Maryland School of Social work, which links us back to my career background.



I began my journey as a mental health professional upon graduating in 2007 working at a residential facility for teenage girls where I quickly gained valuable experience.  My journey forward included working in dual diagnosis facilities for individuals recovering from substance dependence and mental illness, inpatient psychiatric units, and eating disorders units in a NJ hospital.  I forced my foot in the door at the VA where I introduced a mindfulness program for veterans with PTSD and helped implement it.  

Through all of my varied positions, I noticed that there was one common denominator in my work- and that was the presence of trauma in the lives of my clients. I became passionate about understanding others through a lens of trauma, and adjusted my approach to best help my clients heal and move forward in their treatment.

I brought awareness of the need for a trauma informed approach with me to Maryland where I worked in a Level V high school in West Baltimore as a school social worker, and provided in home mental health therapy to clients across the city. While doing this work I obtained my trauma treatment certification at UMD School of Social Work.

In 2016 I began my journey as a private practitioner.  Serving clients in Towson and the Baltimore Area, I am able to apply a wealth of knowledge, and skills to individuals and families seeking to positively change their lives.